Gidan Nodza Utility Totes

For a long time years I've had these materials/fabrics rolled up and buried in my cupboard under piles of leather and canvas, I didn't know what to do with them  *covers face* I saw them- liked them and bought them but I couldn't decide what to do with them. I've used it as backdrop for pictures, considered using as lining, as upholstery cover, as table cover etc but I discarded each and every idea almost immediately, mainly cos I felt it would be a total waste of the fabric! Good thing I procrastinated too because what better thing to do with them that these simple but tasty Utility totes with hand painted leather handles as accents? These totes are very lightweight and can be folded and carried around as emergency shopping bags, saloon bags, weekend bags, carrier bags, even as a second bag- Yes! Second bag!!! *rolls eyes* Please don't carry last abeg *lol :D*
The leather accent is un-stitched and each is hand painted on one side and left in it's natural state on the other side, totes are unlined because the back of the fabric is covered in a matte like finish and lining will be over doing it really! All in all you have a simple, well made and very functional bag, not to mention very easy on the eyes too. 
Now for the million dollar Q: Which is your favourite colour? Scroll through and decide yeah. 

The weekend is here already, have a great one and thank you so much for stopping by every now and then. May your pen never run out of ink or your stew out of meat- Ameen. 


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