Something old, something new...

While you were not watching, I made these bags and belt and delivered them to the owners before you could say "Shokolokobamboshe!"...don't twist your tongue trying to pronounce it if you're not Nigerian cos errrm it's a Nigerian thing...and that also depends on what decade you were born in so...yeah.

Anywhoos back to the post, all items were made on request which would explain why the only pictures I have are phone images because, the items if I remember correctly left the workshop for delivery at the last minute and all I had was just enough time to take quick pictures with my phone.

Model posing with the original version of the high waist belt and customer rocking her own belt.

 The black Lolo clutch was made with Suede leather which I think did justice to the clutch bag (more Suede pieces coming soon) The bottom left picture was the first bag I made using the 3D dyeing technique and the bottom right picture was a customised version of Nana Tote.

Brownie bag has been revamped and renamed the Ranti Tote, it has adjustable handles and side hook to further secure items in the bag. 

Gotta run, lots to do and so little time. Have a great week ahead and thank you so much for stopping by.



micah said...

You are such an inspiration to me most especially,have been in love with making bags for some time” now without any training”and seeing your creations inspire me to do more.

Gidan Nodza said...

Thank you Micah, feeling chuffed that I inspire you to do more. Good luck and thank you for stopping by.


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