Most times I forget to take pictures until after the "picture" moment but below is what I got when I did remember...how random is that?

The process...
My stash of hardware, threads, tools and other bric-a-brac. I have some cowries in there, some coral beads in there, some plastic buttons in there, my tool box is also in there, keep in mind that I've been collecting for years...

Finally got my new rotary cutters and spare blades, see all the Rotary cutters (the green one is my old reliable...had it for yeeeeears)? *wink wink* and NO! one size of rotary cutter will just- not- do period! That blade sharpener is the ISH though. 

 At my favourite place doing what I looooove. That lady's #shuku is killing it!!!

 Remember this bag? Owner brought it for some polishing and hardware maintenance...YES! We do after sales service too ;)

 Custom order patchwork High Waist belt. Want one? Buy here

  Yup! They had to go and do it lol! But seriously, keep calm...it's not that big a deal.

Patchwork Nana Tote. Want this one or something similar? Buy here and here

Hardware restocking!!! Call Joyce on 08023675707 to get yours.


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