Aduke Bags...the beginning and now.

Without a doubt Aduke bag is another favourite here at GN and like the Chiaka Bag, we've made variations of this bag. It all started with this prototype which I used and used and used...after which I gave it out I think lol! Anyways, years down the line, Aduke has matured and like fine wine, it has gotten better, the design has been modified a teeny weeny bit but all the basic features remain the same. Below are some of the variations and the most recent which is the 3D version is available for purchase. Just so know, all GN bags are one of a kind and cannot be replicated, we can attempt to re-dye a fabric but it never comes out exactly like the original (which to us is a superb thing by the way 😉) for patchwork, the arrangement of the pieces are never the same, 2 people can have similar but very different patchwork Aduke bags/GN bags.

There! Now you have been well and truly edjumicated about Gidan Nodza bags 😄👍👌, view the pictures below and check out the collage of some more Aduke bags on our instagram page.

Also if you live in Lagos, remember that you can now purchase GN products at; Weave & Co located at No 1 Moorehouse M Gallery, Bankole Oki Road Ikoyi, Lagos. The Curator is such a lovely person and she will make sure you have a pleasant experience.

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a fun filled weekend.


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