Fabrics of the Moment

In my last throw back post, I mentioned that I was preparing the fabrics/canvas for the next few projects I have lined up. So, a few yards of canvas + a bit of waxing and several colours of dye later, my fabrics are ready for use...yippee!!! So now the real work begins but make no mistake, I am looking forward to every bit of it *stole some of these lines from my instagram post, yes! I'm feeling very post-lazy like that 😆😝*. I wonder if anyone can guess at least 3 bags that will come out of this pile. Ok, gotta go, lots to do and so little time. 

Ooohhh...to read other "Fabrics of the Moment post" please visit here, here and here to read about our humble dyeing beginnings and also to see how our style of dyeing amongst other things ☺️☺️ have evolved. I swear the before before post have not been edited o... you will read them as I wrote them then lol! #myyangadonfinish 

Thank you so much for stopping by and may life be good to you and yours.


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