Mushin Leather Market- Part Two

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This is an old picture...

Its been a wet week and seeing as I couldn't postpone my trip to the leather market any longer I had to brave the elements and make the trip, but if you know me well enough you will know that rain or shine I always look forward to visiting Mushin leather market. Unfortunately the rain at the market today was particularly heavy, everywhere was muddy, murky, messy and then some, I couldn't take pictures because most stalls were packed to the brim with customers waiting for the rain to ease up and of course our good ole electric power suppliers used the rain as an excuse to cut imagine this- you have heavy rain, leaking roofs, wet clothes, muddy feet/shoes, damp leathers, a room packed full of soaked but body heat generating artisans, a sprinkling of wet HAIR weaves (I have locks by the way which I wash every week *straight face*) ... So, get the picture? That scenario is not a perfect picture moment, its a wonder I was able to get anything at all...although for me it was a do or DIE! I cannot brave the elements to go to the market and then get back home empty handed, I rolled up my jeans, put all my valuables in my bag, told my locks to prepare for the worst and went ahead to complete my mission! Which didn't turn out so well because I ended up forgetting some of my stuff... I was almost home when I realised that I was missing a bag, luckily I remembered where I had left it and called someone I could rely on to get and keep the stuff till I was ready. 

Anyways, re-reading this first market post that I did in 2011, I realised that not much has changed, Mushin leather market is still Mushin leather market, more shops have opened though (which is always a good thing) quality of both leather and hardware has improved but apart from that everything is still same ole same ole ...

So, check out my stash from the market below;

Bag frames, chains and rivets: Expect to see some frame bags available for sale soon. Loving those rivets by the way. P.S These were the stuff I forgot in the market ... I would have been miserable for a while if I had REALLY lost it. 

Cork soles, shoe strap pattern and rubber soles: Yup! I'm trying out new things...

Leather: I really really love the experience of searching, finding the right piece and buying leather *sigh* 

There, I gotta go. Gotta check on the fabrics I am dyeing and I need to get those Joxy clutches of yesterday ready before Monday 21st July. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and stay blessed.


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