Being Frank About The January Bag

I have made so many January bags I cannot keep count, sometimes I will find a picture or two from my archives and I will go like "Oh wow! I totally forgot I made that bag" or a customer will drop me a mail and just mention on the side that she is still totally loving the Red or Blue January bag she got from me/I made for her, or someone would tag me on a picture of them rocking their January bag... that kind of stuff. I have to admit that it always feels good to discover/find an old forgotten project or a current picture of an old piece especially if it's still in use because it kinda gives me an opportunity to watch the process of wear and tear on the piece and give me a chance to understand how my brand of customers use my bags and to know which angle of my craft needs improving... Hmmmm you get what is happening here right? Yeah! This is me shamelessly begging for pictures of your Gidan Nodza bag, wear and tear and all I want to see it! and who knows, you might get a newer version of the exact piece *pun intended* lol 😄😜

As I was saying... The first January bag I made was far back in 2011 and boy oh boy it was totally different from what it is now (in my opinion that is) the truth is "this" current design was what I had in mind originally but something happened from design to execution and "that" was the outcome. I used the bag for a bit, understood what I had to do to tweak it, got a few peoples opinions, made, sold and gave out a couple, I tweaked the design again until I finally settled on the design as it is now. You will notice that design wise, everything about each bag is the same except some versions have zipped compartment in front while some don't. Well that mainly depends on the material I'm using. An all leather version will tend to have a zipped compartment out front so as to create a little something going on out front instead of leaving all that wide and endless space that is the front body bare, the dyed fabric version however is usually without a zipped compartment because there is already a lot going on and you don't want to interrupt the pattern flow hehehehe... *does that make sense to anyone else but me?* lol! Anyways I have created a collage of the January bags that I have... I have more pictures but unfortunately the collage maker could only take a maximum of ten pictures (will update the collection if I find another collage app that will take more) So go through the pictures and see if you can tell the earliest and the current. Ohhhh... before I forget, read the post on the first ever January bag here and tell me which version you prefer 😉

Gotta go! A new week is upon us and I expect to have a super busy one. Thank you so much for stopping by and May life be good to you and yours- Ameen. 

Whatever you do stay safe and remember to wash your hands regularly #ebolawatch


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