From old to new...

I had made (and forgotten) similar versions of this bag years ago ... 2009 to be exact! So imagine my surprise when a customer requested for an almost exact version of the bag. I have to admit feeling chuffed that a customer would take the time to go through my blog to find what she wanted 💃💃💃. To be honest though, it has been on my mind to go through my old designs and pick out pieces that I will revamp, but of course I never got round to doing it. So this request is kinda double special because it forced me to drop everything I was doing to do just that. I had to go through my archives, both physically (old sketch books and jotters for measurements) and electronically (old flash drives for pictures) to get the exact details about the bag. My methods, tools and machines have changed improved drastically from 2009 so I was quite eager to see what a 'newer version' of the exact piece would be. I tried to stay true to the original design and even though I made some slight changes to it, I made a conscious effort to make sure that the changes will not affect the overall look of the bag when finished, I think I nailed it and the customer thought so too hehehehe. See older versions here and here and let me know what you think. 

Front view
Side view
Back view

Like the first 2 versions, this bag is very roomy and the lined interior has 2 phone pouches, a zipped compartment and an extra pouch as well as a top zip to further make sure contents are safe. 

OK gotta go finish the work I have on my work table. Thank you so much for stopping by and hope you all are having an easy weekend? Whatever you do stay safe and remember to wash your hands regularly #ebolawatch



Sari said...

Hello Amina, I have never bought or owned a handbag of my own, like never-ever, its a personal choice and I never intend to. My philosophy is not to 'possess' or carry stuff 'cos it just tends to 'grow' with time and I can't give my self more work to decongest.

I've been looking at your stuff for over a year and if I were to carry a handbag it would have to be one of yours. They're pure passion, beauty and inspired.

I'm practical person and my pace is quick, so I wondered which one of Amina's beautiful creations would she recommend for me? HMmmm?

Gidan Nodza said...

@Sari: In case you missed my reply to you on Facebook :D
Thank you so much for the compliments, its means a lot you cannot begin to understand, thank you.
So, about your "phantom" request, here goes ... I would recommend a not too small and not too large bag, something large enough to take your essentials (phone(s), wallet, keys, small camera, small jotter/book) and just small so as not to get in the way. A bag with long adjustable and detachable handle (so it can be a clutch bag and also a messenger for those hands free moment) A bag with a pouch out front for easy access to small items you want to reach quickly and it will have zipped compartment inside. Bag will have a top full on zipper. Bag will have a unisex feel to it but still stylish enough to be rocked by a chic...


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