Exhibition Updates and more...

Another over due update. I know I am beginning to sound like a broken record...so I won't go into that. Truth is it might seem nothing is happening but a lot is, I have to admit that the preparations for the exhibition was much more that we estimated especially the bag making process. I didn't realize that making 50 bags from scratch ...all by myself with a full time DAY JOB was not a walk in the park and knowing that I want the bags to be my best work yet I didn't want to rush to just make bags...hence the very long delay (what I won't give for the 2 elves that helped the shoemaker and his wife...or a genie)
Sorry guys for not posting updates... I guess my
procrastinating side is winning... I keep saying to myself "I will do it first thing in the morning" then "definitely before i sleep" then "ahhhh... when I get back home from work" then days will pass then nothing.

Another thing happening is that we've been invited to participate in a Trade Fair in Sierra-Leone starting from 12th Dec to 22nd Dec 2009. Now Gidan Nodza would like to attend because of course the business opportunities will be immense but there are a thousand and one things to consider not to mention plan and decide... we are still communicating back and forth but whatever we decide might mean that the exhibition might have to be in Sierra-Leone or it will still be in Nigeria but towards the holidays ( I hope...fingers crossed)
So there, I have finally done it! yaaaaaay.

Enjoy the pix below...a sneak peak of what is to be shown.


Anonymous said...

The sneakpeek looks fabulous, Amina! I can only imagine how swamped with work you've been, both your day job and then all this preparation for the exhibition. Keep us updated when you can...and all the best!

Ladi said...

Good Luck!!!!!

lamikayty said...

Hmmm Sierra leone...thats far away *sobs*
but good for you dear!
Make sure you hold one here too o! This is where biz is lol!


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