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Newest addition to the exhibition collection

In my last post I talked about the possibility of going to exhibit in Sierra-Leone in December weeeelllllll the Sierra-Leone thingy fell through because I didn't have as many bags to take for the show as I would want and realllllllly what we want is a strictly Gidan Nodza thing, seeing as it is our coming out party like we want no sharing of spotlight with other designers...that kind of thing. We are looking for a suitable venue as we speak, it will be at least a two day show, the first day will be strictly by invitation and day 2 will be free for all, we want to see about doing a small catalogue that will be sent out with invites so that invited guest that are new to Gidan Nodza will have an idea of what to expect.

Truth is December would have been the ideal time for the exhibition what with the holidays and all but seeing as I still have sketches that are yet to be brought to life, dyed canvas gathering dust (just kidding) and leather that just want to walk off my shelf it will not be possible this month sooo we have pegged the D-day to be sometime in might seem soooo far into the new year to you but to me it is just around the corner (day job + cutting and sewing= days move so quickly I am like freaking out thinking will I ever be ready?) So just bear with me a few more me it will be worth it I promise!

So, this is where we are...

Have a fab week ahead.


Good Naija Girl said...

When I think of people with a talent for something like photography or bag design and creation who do these amazing things and also work full time, well, my mind is boggled. I am trying my hand at a creative endeavour and let me just say trying to discipline myself to spend the evening working on that and not just sittling on my laptop reading blog entries is really hard!

So, I commend you for your work and you're 100% correct that February is right around the corner. My little idea would have been best launched in December but it'll have to be in the new year (hopefully not as late as halfway through!) before I can see it being a reality.

Wishing you the best always with your work...and I love that you find time to keep us updated...I always read your entries with interest.

Ladi said...

Good luck! I hope you do some mad PR and advertising on Bella and the likes. Hopefully you hit Abuja later (hehe). Seasons greetings!!

Remi, United Kingdom said...

Hi there, I just want to say that your talent is amazing. However, what is more inspiring is your continually searching for ways to use it and improve on it. There is a lesson in your relentlessness for the perfection of your gifts for us all.

I pray your talent truly makes a way for you. I want to order some bags, but i am so confused on which one I want. I want them all - *smile*

Happy Holidays :-)

Well done.

lamikayty said...

Hi dear! Just stopping by and am I glad the exhibition was postponed. I'd have been so sorry to miss it. Could you email invites as well to some of us so we do not miss it?
All the best as you wrap up things and Congratulations in advance.
Yes February is around the corner (Olorun a sowa digba yen)-God'll keep us till then!


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