If you ask me...

Na who I go ask, the matter wey you see so...
I love this Cobhams and Omawumi collabo, who am I kidding, I love anything Omawumi and any collabo with Cobhams is an added bonus :) This current single is HOT!!! Not only is it only well written, well laid, WELL SUNG (yes, I said it...that sister has some voice on her) it talks about issues that we as Nigerians or maybe Africans generally...or safe to say most people world over like to act like it doesn't happen, child abuse... of the worst kind. Don't get me wrong, any form of child abuse is bad but where this form of abuse is sexual... not just that, it is perpetrated by a parent or a sibling or a first level relative is most appalling. In most or all cases when it happens the matter is hushed up and nobody is made to pay, except the victim of course. When the shit hits the fan, few mother's raise hell, siblings are just severely warned and closely monitored, relatives are sometimes told to move and a parent is left alone with his so called conscience, the victim is expected to get over it and continue business of life as usual with the assaulter(s) in plain view on a daily basis. So, like Omawumi said;
"speak out or take some action abeg no delay
No let matters worse pass as e dey..."

I am not only sharing the lyrics with you (thank you FAB blog) watch and enjoy video as well, produced by Clarence Peters the video’s cinematography is on point, I love the way Omawumi acts as the neighbourhood olofofo (gossip) who comes out and spills the beanz, of course I am also loving the big hair and short retro dresses...so her!!! ( I love the dress on the lyrics page, girl if you get to read this.... I want THAT DRESS...no kidding!)

On bags and such related matters... I'm on it, I still need more hands and more hours in a day though. But seriously I am still busy but will post bag updates soon, I promise :)

Have fun guys.

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