Blast From The Past: Phone-Shots

This post was way back in May 2012. The sewing machine in the picture is long gone, my workshop arrangement has changed, my tools and work process have improved but the January bag has remained basically the same through the years πŸ˜‰. Anyways enjoy the post and pictures below as posted thenπŸ˜„

A few phone-shots of what has been occupying me lately; bags, leather, more leather and hardware of course.

That January bag sold off almost immediately I singed off the last stitch. The style is so simple yet classic in a way, a style you will not tire of quickly *I hope* I have more in different colours and leather type- will post here and in the shop soon. This whole GN full leather bag version has taken off beyond my imagination- Like the Aduke and the Chiaka bags I can't seem to make this one fast enough- will post more pictures soon I promise.

Most times I am in Mushin I forget to take pictures but the pictures up there are from my last trip. I was waiting for my order to be brought in from the ware house and I took these shots to while away time. I never get tired of coming to this leather market, rain or shine I will roll up my jeans and wade through the muck happily. That room is always like that, leather everywhere- Note to readers: In places like this don't be afraid to search, pull, un-furl and take the leather after your heart outside- that way you get a good look at colour, finish, scratches etc

I always keep my hardware i.e rivets, buckles, eyelets, studs, rings, zip heads blah blah blah in clear plastic containers for easy identification but right now I have loads and lots that I can sometimes have several containers of the same type of hardware i.e rivets and eyelets and rings and buckles and get the picture:| I swear my next apprentice will be given the task of sorting, packing and labelling all of'em before he/she can say Gidan who?! I am trying to see if I can source my hardware from USA, UK or Italy (consistency and durability being the watch word) who knows I might auction or give off some hardware cos God knows I've had some of them for years, some still in the nylon bags they ware wrapped in when I got them- the lady that I got them from years ago is actually offering to buy them off me- I kid you not lol! Anyways when I do decide what to do with my excess hardware you guys will be the first to know.  

Ok, gotta go, this was supposed to be a quick short post but....oh well I'm still learning how to make that kind of post *rolling eye balls* 

Thank you ever so much for stopping by and always remember to be thankful for what you have.



chichi said...

Very nice Amina!! So so proud of you, keep it up :) I have to patronize you again next time I'm home.

Gidan Nodza said...

:D Thank you.


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