Ini-Obong: Tie-dye and 3D

It's September already (well it will be in a few hours anyway)?! Wow! Time really does fly...very soon it will be Christmas and next we will be saying Happy 2015 and! Back the post shall we...

Gidan Nodza on Polyvore

The Ini-Obong bag is spotting a new look. Remember the original look here and the first one ever made here? Well I have modified the look a just bit. The top handle...well the only handle really has been made longer, why? You might ask...well so that it can be hand-held and shoulder-carried as well, that way it eliminates the need for a longer removable/adjustable handle which some customers have complained gets in the way and ends up getting missing when you forget where you dropped it. Also, the lock has changed...and might change again unless I start making them myself *sigh* Thank you Mushin market for your inconsistency! Anyways, enough talk enjoy more pictures below;

So, of all the Ini-Obong looks, which is your favourite? I would really love to know. Also, what do you guys think about my Polyvore look? Whoop or booo?

Gotta go, thank you so much for stopping by and remember to enjoy "now" while you can and worry not about the tomorrow ...


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