Red, Black and A Tumilara Bag

I am so busy preparing for another Fusion event come December 7th 2014. Yes! Another December another event, kinda a nice way to end the year isn't it? (More abourrit in a GN minute) But before then let me keep you guys abreast with that is going on in my small world hehehe...

Well, remember this bag made from this original version? Well a customer wanted the same bag but made with the fabric used for the black and red version of this bag. This same customer also wanted the purple version of the 3D Tumilara bag. What she did was send me pictures of bags she wanted and sent me pictures of the fabrics she wanted used for each bag... hmmm, seeing that at Gidan Nodza (herein shortened to GN) fabrics used are usually dyed in small quantity and a project or two usually takes up all the available fabric, so making exact pieces will be almost impossible. What I now did was to stay true to the basic characteristics of each bag to come up with similar versions of the bags she wanted. Now I think I can say that I almost nailed it with the black/grey and red combo, fabric and 3D patterns seem similar and bag design is almost an exact replica of the last two. See picture below;

The second bag on the other hand succeeds as Tumilara Bag in terms of design concept but you will agree with me that it still stands on its own. To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive delivering this bag I was expecting a "...but it's not the same as the picture" from the customer and I was armed and ready with my explanations, so imagine my relief when what I got instead was "...The bags are wao!!! I really like them..." See! No mention of the difference in fabric #chuffedmodeactivated hehehe... but then looking at the bag, you can't el but agree with me that this bag is not bad at all. See pictures below and tell me know what you think.

I have to say this though, I'm loving the extra detail on the handles of this our Tumilara Bag😍😘
So, what do you make of the two bags so far? Would love to hear from you, drop a note sometime why don't you 😉 

Thank you so much for stopping by and may the grass be greener always on your side- Ameen.


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